During lockdown

Online classes

Our online schedule is up and running!

Reserve your spot via the usual channels:
ebbflowstudio.nl/rooster or the Eversport app.

We'll use the platform Zoom: for an optimal + quick start, you can already download the software (free of charge) at zoom.us.

15 minutes before the start of class, a streaming link will become available in your Eversport account.

And more good news: you can practice whenever, wherever you wish!

A recorded version will become available in the Videotheek. After logging in to your account, find the menu in the top right corner and go to Mijn video's/My videos. Do you have an active unlimited membership? You can watch all of these classes for free! Otherwise, you can purchase access to 1 video for €7,-.

Good to know: The teacher will come online 10 minutes prior to the start of class. Make sure to be on time if you'd like to have a chat with us! We'd love to actually see and hear how you're doing ♥  And we won't hit the record button until right at the start of the practice: only the teacher is recorded.

Although we're pretty bummed out about not seeing you in person for some weeks, we're excited to invite you into our virtual space!

Looking forward to meeting you there ♥

With love,

Bianca & Rebecca
Ebb & Flow Team

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Online intake for your treatment | Lockdown discount!

You can now sign up for an online intake. These can still be (partially) covered by your insurance. Scroll down for a personal message from our Therapist Chinese Medicine 'Yat-Sen'.

Hello dear ones,

What a year! I am trying to counteract the insidious COVID anxiety by focusing on the things I am grateful for. As mawkish at that may seem, I know it works.
I am grateful for the technology that helps a big world seem a bit smaller and more cozy. One of the ways you can still connect with us at Ebb & Flow is through an online intake for your next Chinese Medicine or Acupuncture treatment. We are currently offering online Zoom intakes for 45 minutes per session at €45,- (our "Lockdown Discount"). During the intake I might ask you questions about your general health, flavors or seasons you prefer, and your general eating and sleeping patterns. Once I've gathered this information, I will make a treatment plan tailored to your needs. If needed, this includes medicinal herbs that will be sent to your home. After the lockdown, you can visit us at the studio for your first acupuncture treatment, when I shall also look at your tongue and take your pulse - all of which can say something about your organ system for diagnosis.

Online intakes can be scheduled on Fridays between 10:00-17:00. You can even stay in your jammies!

Why try acupuncture? It is low risk, has no side-effects and it's a holistic way for your body to help itself get the most out of its own reserves. Whether you want to quit smoking, get your zen back or treat chronic pain, acupuncture might be just what you need in these trying times.

Call, text, or simply click here to directly WhatsApp us at +31(0)651245965 to schedule an appointment.

Thank you for choosing Ebb & Flow!