Hear Me Roar! The Art of Expression with Kimberley Nutbey

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Time to express yourself! Do you dare you speak what’s on your heart? Move in your own unique way? 

In this season of Leo, Kimberley Nutbey brings you a one-of-a-kind workshop whose sole aim it is to put you straight back in your core: being able to tap strength and confidence from your own center. Expect to be playfully challenged to express yourself through a combination of movement, theatre and voice activation. We dare to promise that your inner fire will be blazing by the end of this workshop!

Kimberley Nutbey is an inspiring movement artist who dances between disciplines. A Leo herself, this yoga teacher with 20+ years of experience in martial arts keeps adding to her personal education. Movement and beyond: she's even training to become a stunt woman in film. Needless to say, with her you're in safe hands to start expressing your own inner fire!


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  • High tide: 27,50eu

Mid tide is the regular ticket price. Have a little less to spend today? No worries! That's where Low tide comes in. Feel free to go for this option. Are you feeling generous? Go for High tide, support the studio and your neighbour, ensuring someone else can go for Low tide.

Posted in Movement on Aug 04, 2019