Womxn's Circle / Vrouwencirkel

Voertaal / Language: Afhankelijk van de aanmeldingen, Nederlands of Engels. / Depending on the registrations, Dutch or English.

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GET YOUR HANDS DIVINELY DIRTY // Full Moon in Virgo // Love, you are the Goddess. A force of Nature. Creation itself. 

Yes, alright okay, but - what does that actually mean?

This circle is here to help you remember. That you have the ability to shape your world, take the reigns, and claim your destiny. That you decide on the lens with which you look at the world. Practice embracing & honoring all parts of you - the tender, the insecure, the expressive, the brave, the scared and the sacred. 

Meet yourself where you are, as you are. 

Reconnect. Realign. Redirect course if needed. 

This circle, we dance with the energy of Virgo - structure and order - and Pisces - chaos, creativity, flow - to create harmony in this funky creation process of life. 

It's time to get your hands dirty.

The soil is fruitful!


Expect a varying combination of diverse practices: embodiment, meditation, visualization, journaling, mantra, singing, dancing, creativity, sharing and listening. 

It is an evening to connect deeply to yourself and your 'otherself'. After all - we are all mirrors to and for each other.


Circles are ancient practices in which people gather to reconnect to themselves, each other and the world; to heal, and blow off steam; to celebrate and learn from each other. To share their stories, their passion and grief, the lessons and love. We circle around every new moon to turn inwards and create clarity, setting our intention for the next moon cycle, and around every full moon to learn from the past, shake off what's stuck and stagnant, and celebrate the lessons and the blessings.

Your facilitator for this circle is Rebecca. Devoted to embodying a life of love, creativity and the ecstasy of being, unraveling the secrets of the universe, and stimulating human potential as we learn to live in greater harmony with ourselves and the planet. Her quest to understand Life brought her in various corners - ranging from yoga, embodiment, psychology, cognitive neuroscience, philosophy, and energy work. Now, to wake up to the ecstasy of being and live life in 'in love and awe' - that takes practice! Practice in vulnerability, healing deeply, less doing more being, reconnecting with our body and breath, creativity and sensuality, courage and connection. Remembering our true wisdom and strength. Eventually finding our way back to the energy of the child: caring and creative, playful and joyous.

My intention is to help each other remember, unlearn and unfold. To hold space as we rewrite our stories. To co-create a community to grow and evolve, practice and play, awaken and align together. 

Let's weave a new reality into being. ❤️

Big Love,



Friday, March 6 | 19.00-21.30 | Door opens at 18.40

LOCATION: Ebb & Flow, Maanplein 7e, Den Haag


↠ Register directly via the button or email hello@ebbflowstudio.nl

↠ Your investment for the evening is €25,- 

↠ Or choose a supporting ticket for €28,- and support the studio in supporting a womxn who cannot afford to pay in full this time around

↠ Reach out if you are her this month and allow the community to support you!

↠ Pay through PayPal (hello@ebbflowstudio.nl) or by card in the studio

↠ Door opens at 18.40 and there will be unlimited tea, nurturing bites, and space to stay and connect or simply take the time to wind down after the circle closes

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