Wisdom Lab: Play and Philosophy with Zuzanna Rucinska

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From philosophy to play: Zuzanna Rucinska combines the best of both worlds! Expect a mix of short philosophical 'food for thought' lectures, group play acting and improvising, and plenty time for insights and discussion. Suitable for all ages. Bring your playful attitude and an open mind!

What is the relationship between the mind, the body and the environment we are in – including the play environment? 

Are toys additional tools that help us think creatively? Or are they a crucial part of our creative thinking process? 

How important are our intentions in play? What about our mental scripts or knowledge of rules? And how important are the materiality of objects, environment and responses of other people? 

This workshop investigates play, pretending, role-playing and creativity through playful engagement. We will learn about the philosophy of Embodied, Enacted and Ecological Cognition, and try to answer these and other questions about the relationship between the mind and the body in play: with the use of our bodies, by exploring objects and their meanings, and through interacting with other people. 

Zuzanna Rucińska is a postdoctoral researcher working in Philosophy of Mind, Psychology, and Philosophy of Cognitive Science in Antwerp University (Belgium). Her research interests include pretend and imaginative play, forms of creativity, fictionalism and virtual reality, and theories of embodied, embedded and social cognition. She has published, amongst other, on the topic of affordances for pretend play and creativity in sports.

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Posted in Wisdom lab on Aug 04, 2019